By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Developers, technology companies and businesses have released a slew of new apps for Android devices in 2014, and Mashable has released the best of the year.

The apps are varied from power-saving programs to calendar aggregators:

  • Afterlight: A photo editing app which allows for cropping, rotating or adding borders to pictures,
  • Disney Movies Anywhere: A movie streaming app which allows users to watch any purchased Disney, Pixar or Marvel movie on any Android device,
  • Estar Battery Saver: A battery management app which can analyze apps installed on a smart phone, and how much power each uses,
  • Google Calendar: The Google Calendar app syncs with calendars on a smart phone and automatically pulls calendar events from Gmail accounts,
  • Google Now Launcher: The app overhauls the smart phone home screen and gives easy access to Google Now.
  • IFTTT: The automated app allows users to choose “if this, then that,” options to respond, and actions to take, to communications including phone calls, photos and text messages.
  • Mailbox: Allows users to sift through emails quickly through a series of swipes, and provides an advanced auto-swipe feature, which learns from previous actions to predict what to do with emails.
  • Minuum: A tiny keyboard app for fast typing,
  • QuizUp: Social trivia game QuizUp allows users go head-to-head with others around the world in quizzes that test their knowledge of specific subjects.
  • Sunrise Calendar: The smart calendar app supports Google, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Trello and Todoist accounts and integrates them all in one place. It also adds Google Maps to events.
  • Timehop: The app allows users to go back on social media accounts to any past day and see what they were doing on that day.
  • The Economist Espresso: The app provides daily highlights during the week of stories from the “Economist.”