FRASER (WWJ) – A 31-year-old Macomb Township man has been arraigned on second-degree murder charges for the killing of a good friend.

The suspect told police that he doesn’t know why he did it, reports WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

Lt. Dan Kolke says with the victim dead it’s difficult to figure out just what happened inside a home in Fraser Monday afternoon when three friends got together.

The victim, Joseph Solari, reportedly opened a drawer where he knew the homeowner kept a gun, he pointed it at his friend, Matthew Magdowski, and shot two bullets out of the gun.

Police say that’s when Magdowski took the gun, aimed it at Solari, and fired.

“I mean, he aimed it at him and pulled the trigger,” said Kolke,”he didn’t admit that he was trying to kill him – they are very good friends. They didn’t have a fight – there was no indication that he wanted to kill him but he did.”

Kolke says Magdowski told police he wasn’t sure why he shot his friend or why Solari initially pointed the gun at him.

“He told the dectective that he pulled the gun out of his hand and aimed it but he doesn’t know why he pulled the trigger,” said Kolke.

The homeowner, who owns the gun, is not expected to face charges.

“It’s senseless that you leave a gun in a drawer but he’s a single male, in his own house without kids – he has the right to leave a gun where he wants. That’s the homeowner, who is the third party. But for someone to grab it out – even if they are goofing around and aim it at somebody, is just a total waste of life and it’s hard to believe that it happened,” said Kolke.

According to police, Magdowski was crying when he learned that his friend died at the hospital.

“But he’s got a loaded gun, it should never just be sitting in a drawer – it should be locked up,” added Kolke.

Magdowski is in jail … held on $200,000 bond.


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