By: Mike Stone

Former Michigan linebacker Dhani Jones played with Tom Brady for several years at the in Ann Arbor and is a huge fan — but he will not have his Patriot pom poms with him for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Why is that? Jones thinks the Seattle Seahawks defense will be too tough for New England to pull out their fourth title.

Jones also weighed in on whether Brady ever deflated balls at Michigan.

“You know what? I played defense,” he said. “So every time I intercepted the ball, I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was just looking toward the end zone.”

Does he think they actually cheated?

“Look, there’s an ideal gas law that I just learned about,” he said. “If I took this football and filled it up with air that’s 120 degrees, then I take it outside, it’s going to get smaller, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I just filled it up with air that’s a little bit warmer than anything else that’s out there.

“If something did happen, I think they did it well within the parameters. I just think they just did a little more homework than most people thought that they did.”

Jones also has been following his alma mater’s football program from afar and thinks Jim Harbaugh will be able to get it back to prominence. When asked how long it will take, Jones said,”it won’t be overnight but won’t be too long either.”

Listen to the entire interview to find out if he knew back in college that Brady would be a great player right here.


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