ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – It’s another new theory about what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

A new documentary film entitled “Killing Jimmy Hoffa” attempts to dispel rumors regarding the disappearance of the former Teamsters leader, decades ago.

Filmmaker Al Profit says a lot was going on the summer that Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.

“There were multiple bombings – people’s cars and boats were being blown up around metro Detroit, including right downtown by the old Tiger Stadium,” said Profit.

That’s when teamsters President Frank Fitzsimmons’ car exploded shortly after meeting Hoffa. Many surmised that Hoffa was killed because he wanted to take back power from Fitzsimmons.

Profit has another theory: “The CIA enlisted the Mob – tried to kill Castro and Hoffa was scheduled to testify about that. Two others very high ranking mobsters were both murdered around the same time Hoffa disappeared, and they also were both scheduled to testify.”

Why, so many years later, make a movie about this case?

Local author Scott Burnstein  — who joined forces with filmmaker Al Profit for this project — said that those looking for Hoffa’s body are on a wild goose chase, and will never find it.

“There’s no body to be found,” Burnstein said. “I believe that Hoffa’s body was incinerated, probably within a half-hour to 45 minutes of him breathing his last breath. So the fact that…every couple, you know, every six months a new dig happens….I think they’re incredibly futile efforts.”

“I think without a question the Jimmy Hoffa is wrapped up in both the local fabric of metro Detroit and Michigan; and I think without question it’s the most infamous unsolved crime in probably American history in the twentieth century,” Burnstein said. “So it’s such a fascinating pallet to deal with …”

Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared without a trace on July 30, 1975.

Get more information about the movie HERE.

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“Killing Jimmy Hoffa” runs through Monday through Thursday at the Royal Oak Emagine Theater.


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