By: Evan Jankens

I might be in the slim minority of people who grew up in Detroit in the 80’s who idolizes Michael Jordan.

Now you see just about every kid in the mall wearing a pair of Air Jordans. I’m a Jordan snob so I say they are all posers. But I digress.

I love stories about Michael Jordan. I try to pick Terry Foster’s brain every chance I get to hear stories of when Terry covered the Bad Boys and was able to interview Michael Jordan.

Tuesday afternoon, one of Michael Jordan’s former teammates, Horace Grant, told an awesome story about Jordan.

Grant talked about how Phil Jackson would put Scottie Pippen and himself on the first team and Jordan on the second team.

That’s when the story got good.

“I hate to tell the story…Will and I are still good friends,” he said. “Typical Phil, we run this play and Will set an illegal pick on MJ and MJ said, ‘Will, don’t do that again.’ ‘Whatcha talking about?’ That’s Will. MJ says, ‘Alright.’ Phil says, ‘Run it again.’ So naturally, we run it two more times, illegal pick. MJ walks up to Will—boom. Lit him up. It was over. We grabbed Will. You’re not going to hurt MJ. MJ can take care of himself. The next day on the plane, Will gets on with this huge shiner.”

You can watch his entire interview HERE. Talk about the good old days. If only social media were around back then!


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