By: Tim Grzecki

Let’s just cut to the chase, the main event of WWE Fastlane was AWESOME!  The match that Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns put on is an example of how pro wrestling should be.  There was a clear story being told in the ring.  Daniel Bryan was the smaller, quicker, smarter, better all-around wrestler.  Taking on Roman Reigns, the stronger, tougher, more intense “powerhouse”.  And they did it to perfection.  That story ran through the entire match.  From the beginning when Bryan was trying to stay away and going after legs, to when Reigns would punch his way out of holds.

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I’ve been pretty hard on Reigns on these write-ups, and rightfully so, but tonight I have nothing negative to say.  Tonight, I don’t care who was responsible for laying out the match.  Tonight, I don’t care that Bryan is major reason the match was so great.  Tonight, I do care that Reigns looked good, he looked strong, he looked like he belonged.  And nothing is more important for him and his character at this point than to look like he belongs.  Now follow it up with him looking strong again tomorrow night on Raw and his place in the main event of WrestleMania will be much more accepted.

The other highlight for me was the confrontation between HHH and Sting.  HHH is money on the mic and everything he said felt real cause there was actual truth, albeit a skewed one, to the words he was saying.  Sting’s facials were so intense, that painted face can say a thousand words.  The physicality between the two was laid out well too.  HHH getting the upper hand and going for his signature sledge hammer.  Then getting stopped in his tracks by Sting with his signature bat.  The two veterans did it right.  Moving forward though Sting has to speak.  I didn’t mind that he didn’t tonight, but he needs to explain why he’s there and why he wants that WrestleMania moment, preferably tomorrow night on Raw.

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