DETROIT — (WWJ) General Motors is planning to nearly double its investment in its GMC truck brand, in an effort to significantly raise the brands profile–and market share–over the next decade.

“That ten year plan we’re talking about is an historic investment for this brand,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing.

General Motors retail market share currently stands at three percent. The goal is to increase that to four percent in five years and five percent in ten years.

GMC is launching a new ad campaign entitled “Precision”, which features athletes and craftsmen, the type of people, Aldred says, who fit in with the GMC’s “Professional Grade” image. The first ad will feature San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt. It will quickly be followed by an ad with Harrison Barnes, of the Golden State Warriors. Another ad will follow, featuring those who make fine men’s clothing.

What the ads will not feature, Aldred says is the typical truck them of hard working people in hard working trucks.

“We’re gonna get away from that clutter,” he said. “We’re gonna get away from claims of being the most dependable, the strongest, the most gas mileage. Frankly, that’s inherent within the GMC DNA.”

GMC has grown both in number of vehicles and in market share. Aldred says they could still see more growth, especially in the area of crossovers. GMC does not have a compact crossover in its portfolio.

He also indicated that there could be a market for an even higher end full size pickup.

Twenty-one percent of GMC sales are now high-end Denali trims. The goal is to raise that to 25 percent.

Aldred also understands that GMC has a bit of an identity issue, with many buyers not really sure why they would want to spend a premium for a GMC product. He expects the new ad campaign to answer that question.

“This will really sharpen in peoples minds exactly what GMC is and the fact that it is a cut above all of the mainstream competitors out there.”

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