DETROIT (WWJ) — Just over two months away from special election day, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was answering criticism of a proposed one-cent sales tax increase that would help fund badly needed road repairs across the state.

The plan — which will go before voters May 5 — has been criticized because not all of the money raised would be dedicated to road repairs. Although, Snyder says an estimated $1.2-billion would raised for roads, in addition to supporting K-12 school funding and money for transit and local governments.

“Sometimes, people didn’t like how the process took place, but don’t confuse that with the good policy outcomes,” Snyder said. “This package is a good package and, in fact, if you’re a county executive, you’re going to see major benefits to your county in terms of your road dollars and other opportunities to improve your local environment and you economy.”

The plan has been criticized by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson because of where the money would be going, but Snyder said that it the proposal is better than opponents are making it out to be.

“In terms of local government, the revenue sharing increase is roughly what it would take to bring people back to 2011 levels,” Snyder said. “If you look at the education piece it’s about an opportunity to do more career tech education at community colleges, scholarships and deal with long-term liabilities.

“So these are all good, smart investments for the state to make,” Snyder said.

In addition to funding road repairs, the proposal would generate an estimated extra $300 million for school funding and $100 million for transit and local governments.


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