By: Jeff Riger

The worst thing about the ole’ Tiger Stadium being gone is, well, everything.

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From the dimensions to the bleachers, Tiger Stadium just seemed right. Maybe I’m biased but no other stadium has been able to provide the same emotions that the “Corner” did. That place, for so many Detroiters was special and nothing will ever take its place.

So when Detroit manager Brad Ausmus started talking about Tiger Stadium and how Miguel Cabrera would fare there, I became interested…

The conversation started focusing on Steven Moya who is vying to make this year’s team out of Spring Training. Despite striking out too much, the upside to Moya is his tremendous power, something that reminds Ausmus of one of his former teammates.

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“Tony Clark a little bit” Ausmus said about who Moya’s power is comparable to. “Tony was tall, big power. I remember Tony in the first year at Comerica (Park) was one of the few maybe two or three left handers that hit the ball out the other way in left-center and that was before the bullpen(was out there), that was the deep left center.”

All it took was the mention of Clark to get the media talking about Tiger Stadium and the inviting right field porch that it used to have. After a minute or so of reminiscing the question was posed as to how many homers Cabrera would have hit at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull?

Cabrera as a right handed hitter hits the ball to the opposite field all the time which means he more than likely would have been able to check swing a shallow fly homer to right. “I went out opposite field in Tiger Stadium” Ausmus said. “It wouldn’t shock me if Miggy hit 50 home runs if he played at Tiger Stadium. As a matter of fact I might be more shocked if he didn’t hit 50.”

Of course I have to disagree with Ausmus…

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It would shock me if Miggy didn’t hit at least 60 at Tiger Stadium.