It’s not exactly a race track, but they have increased the speed along Fort Street from Lincoln Park through Southgate into Wyandotte. Previously, the speed limit was always 35 mph, but not anymore.

It was a surprise for Ken Lockhart of Lincoln Park.

Lockhart didn’t notice the change, but he was appreciative. “I’m glad they brought the speed limit up a little bit. It was a little slow.” he said.

The opinion was a common one. Speeds have increased through the area since the road was widened and those WWJ spoke to believed the change was a good idea. “I usually did about 50 anyway now I can get away with 50. You know what I mean?” said another Detroiter.

The stretch has a speed limit of mostly 45 miles an hour, except for between Southfield and Outer Drive where it’s 40.

Diane Cross, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Transportation, told the News-Herald Newspaper the signs were erected March 4.

Cross said the speed limit were changed after a study was completed following the reconstruction of Fort Street. The study was completed in connection with the Michigan State Police and MDOT.


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