By Edward Cardenas

TROY (CBS Detroit) – Automation Alley will host a panel discussion March 26 on the multi-billion dollar threat cyber security threats poses to businesses, and how to manage risks posed by these attacks.

The “Cybersecurity for Business: Assessing Threats and Managing Risks” event at the Automation Alley Headquarters in Troy features a panel of expert speakers and presenters who will discuss attackers, their motivations and capabilities and how to protect companies from growing cyber threats.

“It’s imperative that all businesses, not just tech companies, have an awareness and understanding of cybersecurity,” said Tom Kelly, Automation Alley’s director of entrepreneurship, in a release. “Today, nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives depends on a secure and stable cyberspace, and it is important we in the business community take a proactive approach to managing cyber threats to our company’s security.”

During the event, experts will discuss cyber security in the cloud along with information on both internal and external business threats, case studies on security breaches and how companies can avoid becoming victims to these attacks. To register for the event, visit the Automation Alley website.

Speakers include former U.S. Congressman Pete Hoekstra; Thys DeBruyn, founder and president, ADVANCE Resources and Consulting; Steven Russo, Executive Vice President, Secure Cloud Systems, LLC and Mike Pokas, Vice President of Consulting, VioPoint.

“Cyberattacks and even cyberwarfare have been dominating recent headlines around the globe,” said Noel Nevshehir, Automation Alley’s director of international business and moderator of the event, in a release. “This is not only an issue here at home but a threat to the global economy as well. The annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime last year alone exceeded $400 billion, more than the national income of most countries.”