DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s an annual event tied to a tale over 300 years old. The Marche Du Nain Rouge brought hundreds on to the streets of Detroit on Sunday for a spirit chasing event.

“Since 1701, there has been a devil inhibiting Detroit and terrorizing this city. And it’s the job of the citizens of Detroit to drive that devil out of the city,” says Jim from Grosse Pointe Park.

To do that, says Jim, people dressed up to scare Du Nain Rouge, (or the red dwarf) into parts unknown.

“Right now I’ve got some face-paint on and some costume contacts makes my eyes look like they are bleeding. My friend painted my face up really cool,” said Jake from Westland.

Wendell of Detroit took in the parade for the first time. “It’s kind of weird – to be perfectly honest.”

Nearly everyone in attendance was to scare — and a parade of these folks worked their way down Second Avenue in Midtown order to ward off evil in Detroit.

Reddit user AWildMichigander posted an outstanding gallery of photos from the march on Imgur. (photos credit: Austin Tierney)

Prizes for best costume and/or float included money toward community projects of the winner’s choosing.