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As Michigan State gets set to play in their seventh Final Four under Tom Izzo, one has to wonder what it would feel like, smell like, look like if MSU was to do what so many feel would be unthinkable; win the National Championship in a year where it seems like Kentucky simply can’t lose. Heck, the team has been a literal betting favorite to win the national title for the past three months and that is borderline historic.

So if Tom Izzo gets his 7th seeded Spartans to get past Duke and then beat either Kentucky or Wisconsin to cut the nets down, not only would it be one of the most improbable runs to a title in the history of the NCAA Tourney, but it would put Izzo in an even more rarefied air.

All the questions of him just winning one title would go out the window, and he would  simply be looked at as a top three coach in the last 30 years for what he was able to with seemingly always inferior talent when compared to the so-called Big Boys of college hoops.

Better yet, he simply has done it the right way, running a clean program, and being a true leader of men in the utmost definition of just that. Whether or not MSU cuts down the nets on Monday night in Indy, Tom Izzo will always be looked at one of the finest coaches in any sport at any level in the fine state of Michigan’s history and beyond.

Before we get to my top three all time Michigan Championships take a look at the eerie comparisons to last years National Championship Connecticut squad and this years MSU team.

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My Top Three All Time Michigan Championship Moments

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No. 3 —- ’89 Pistons Sweep of The Vaunted Lakers

The first of the Bad Boy Stones back-to-back titles, which many know should have been at least three straight (Phantom Foul in 88 anyone?) creating thousands of new basketball fans in Motown. one of the most underrated teams in NBA History.
No. 2 — ’84 Detroit Tigers “Bless You Boys” World Series Title.

The best start in MLB history at 35-5 which still stands today. So many beloved players and one of the greatest managers in baseball history.

No. 1  — ’97 Wings Stanley Cup Title to 42 year Drought!

It had been over four decades since the Wings had last drank from Lord Stanley’s Cup. the entire city, state, region, came together as one as Stevie Y and the boys swept Philly.

If the Sparty’s find a way to make history on Monday night in Indy … I would put their improbable, inconceivable,
unthinkable Championship ….. to the #1 ALL TIME IN MICHIGAN SPORTS HISTORY … and that’s coming from a Wolverine.

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Where would it rank for you?