By: Evan Jankens

In the early 1990s and all the way through 2007, Michigan was a Nike school.

The big baggy shorts, black socks and the black Air Max’s really helped put Nike on the map for collegiate sports, in my opinion.

In 2007, the University of Michigan signed a contract with Adidas. The Adidas contract at the time was the biggest public apparel contract in the country.

A report from the Michigan Daily says that Michigan may consider changing from Adidas to either Nike or Under Armour.

Michigan AD Jim Hackett commented on the situation saying, “In my first months here, the question of which brand we wear is a big one. We’ve organized — this is a secret — a project team to look at the question of, there’s really three players: Adidas, Under Armour and Nike.”

Getting rid of Adidas for Nike I totally understand, Under Armour on the other hand, is a little surprising to me.

It probably makes sense to the university if they get Notre Dame-type money. In January 2014, Notre Dame signed with Under Armour for a reported 10-year, $90 million deal.

Michigan’s contract with Adidas is supposed to run through 2016; Hackett told the Michigan Daily if the school was to switch from Adidas it would have to be by the end of the year.


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