DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – Lee Meredith’s fascination with the ship Titanic began in the fifth grade when he was required to read “A Night To Remember” by Walter Lord.

Meredith said he was so intrigued that he wrote two books on the subject.

Titantic Book cover“1912 Facts” is the first of two book he wrote on the subject. The second book on the sinking of the RMS Titanic came about almost by accident.

When Titanic the movie hit theaters – it took the nation by storm – but then something else happened.

“And then these Titanic exhibits came along, like the one they had at Henry Ford. They hand out a card – everyone who goes into the exhibit with the name of a passenger or crew member and all it is – is a name,” he said. “You come out of the exhibit and you say ‘gee what happened to my guy,’ so more people started asking me about it, I thought maybe I’ll just type up a list.”

Meredith says he’s spent about three years on the research of the passengers names for the book. “I had so much research that I had gathered up.”

The book includes all the names of the 2,200 passengers on board during the fateful voyage, where they were from and if they survived the sinking of the ship.