By: Evan Jankens

I am a huge sneaker freak, hooked the first time I saw the Jordan V I.

David Price of the Detroit Tigers is a Jordan Brand athlete and also has an infatuation with Air Jordans.

Price was nice enough to grant me a five-minute interview about his love for the sneakers.

I talked to Price about how he first got into Jordans, along with questions about his favorite pair.

As you will see below, Price has sent photos of his Jordan collection. Price’s favorite pair is the Jordan 30th anniversary, which is 24k gold plated.

Here’s our Q&A:

Talk about the cleats you wear on the field: 

I think my first year was the twelves, 2013, then I believe 2013 in the playoffs we got the 28’s and I have the Superfly 3’s now, also have the 13’s. I think that was from 2014 was the 13’s, I haven’t gotten to the custom Jordan cleat yet. You know I’m kinda still getting my feet wet in the Jordan family even though this is my third year I’m sure at some point they’ll let me pick out a shoe.

Has he reached out to Eminem to get a pair of his Jordan IV’s or Jordan II’s?

Well if someone has a custom Jordan shoe, I’m pretty confident I can get it. I haven’t seen his, I feel like I have seen quite a few of celebrity Jordan shoes. If I want ’em, I can get ’em.

On the tweet he sent out giving Miguel Cabrera a pair of Jordans:

He probably wears more Jordan stuff then I do everyday to the field, and I got Jordan sweatpants, sweatshirt, shoes, socks and he comes with, he’s always wearing Jordan stuff. He’s always talking to me about it. Luckily for him we wear the same size shoe and not the same body type. I don’t wear a medium, he’s still bigger than me, but we can definitely fit in the same sweat pants and sweatshirts and stuff like that. I get some care packages together for him.

Has he ever met Michael Jordan?

I haven’t, I don’t think I have ever been around him or even in the same state. I haven’t met him but as long as he is allowing me to wear his shoes on the baseball field, it is alright with me.

Will he be able to get a pair of Keegan Bradley’s Jordan golf cleats?

Me and Keegan have traded messages about that. I guess I just need to send the address for him to ship them to. That is in the works. I’m gonna send him a pair of mine and hes gonna send me a pair of his. I just wish we were the same size. I’ve got a couple pair of Jordan golf shoes, but they aren’t on Keegan’s level.

Which pair is your favorite?


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