By: Jeff Riger

When it was announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr.and Manny Pacquiao were finally fighting it was only natural to expect every celebrity and former boxer to be at the MGM Grand on Saturday to take it in. Veteran boxer Bernard Hopkins was on ‘radio row’ on Thursday and didn’t even need an introduction before he started talking about Saturdays fight. “It’s going to be an organized bar fight,” Hopkins said.

It seems like most experts and fans alike are picking Mayweather to win on Saturday night but Hopkins wasn’t buying it saying “No that’s not true, the Phillipines got us outnumbered in bodies.”

When asked who the best ‘trash talker’ was the former champion didn’t hesitate when saying “Ali.” When asked to clarify who the best was that he’s boxed against, B-Hop said himself. “I was the one that made things happen in the press conference because I had the personality.” Hopkins prided himself as a trash talker when he was fighting but admits he doesn’t choose do it as an analyst.

“99% of the time in boxing, the fighter has won before you even get in the ring” Hopkins said.

If that’s the truth than maybe Mayweather does already has this fight won?