By: Evan Jankens

A week ago today, I was anxiously awaiting the “Fight of the Century.”

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When Saturday, May 2, came, you could feel the hype in the MGM Grand.

One thing I know is for sure is that Floyd Mayweather knows exactly how to make money, and he knows where that money comes from. Floyd knows that if it wasn’t for Les Moonves and CBS this fight would never have happened.

So Floyd took out a full page ad in the New York Times thanking Moonves. Classy?

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According to the cost to take out a full-page is $104,000. Now that would Mayweather’s equivalent of  $5. I still think it’s a nice gesture to understand that without Showtime and CBS we would still be thinking “what if.”

I really enjoyed the fight and maybe I shouldn’t have been rooting for Floyd Mayweather, but I wanted to see him continue being undefeated.

The entire fight was a little odd, though. Michael Buffer is the ring announcer for HBO Sports, Jimmy Lennon Jr. is the announcer for Showtime sports, and each announced their own fighter.

I knew it was odd when Lennon Jr., who usually says, “It’s Showtime” changed it to “It’s Go Time.”

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Buffer had lost his voice, the entire spectacle didn’t start off like I thought it would.