By: Evan Jankens

Hockey might not be the powerhouse that baseball is in Korea but that doesn’t mean a Korean newspaper should get a pass for saying the Chicago Bears won the Stanley Cup.

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The Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups in the last six years so you would think that the editor should have known the difference between the Bears and the Blackhawks.

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Imagine if the Red Wings would have won the Stanley Cup and the paper read “the Detroit Lions won the Stanley Cup.” Heck, some Detroiters would be overjoyed just that the Lions won something in the post-season.

When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, the Chicago Tribune printed a headline that was identical to the one the Detroit Free Press printed when the Red Wings won in 2008. It said “Red Reign.”

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Hey Chicago, I know you really want to be like Detroit in every sport… but you don’t have to copy headlines!