By: Jeff Riger

Just when you think you know a little something about baseball, something comes up that you probably never even thought of.

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That thought crossed my mind recently when I read David Price’s latest tweet…

The Tiger starter does have a point. With all we know about pitching, how the smallest thing seems to make a difference, I could see it being a hurdle going from a flat bullpen mound to a regulation mound in the center of a packed ballpark. I would imagine everything from form, arm angle, velocity and control would be affected. It actually seems like cheating.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for an edge or advantage when it comes to any sport. If it helps you win, count me in. However to purposely alter the bullpen mound knowing full well it will give a pitcher a disadvantage seems like bad form. Think about how it would affect a relief pitcher coming in to throw the biggest pitch of a game with maybe bases are loaded and an out is crucial.

Hopefully Price’s tweet helps fix an obvious problem in the visitors bullpen in Seattle. Oh, and if the workers at the park don’t know how to fix the problem, all they have to do is look at the home pen pitchers mound, because I’m willing to bet that mound is just fine.

Go figure.

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According to Price had more to add:

“You go from that mound to the game mound and your foot’s not hitting the ground where it was hitting in your last 40 throws in the bullpen. It’s completely different and that is how guys get hurt. You really see that a lot in spring training, but it shouldn’t happen at this level.”