PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – Precious metal decorated the front of the Inn at St. John in Plymouth, in anticipation of one of the summer’s biggest classic car shows.

The preview for the annual Concours D’Elegance of America brought vehicles with names like Deusenberg and Lamborghini.

On July 26th, there will be 250 classic cars displayed at what’s become one of the most prestigious shows in the country.

“We’ve got the new cars, all the new supercars,” said Concours chairman Larry Moss. “We’ve got cars from 1955. We’ve got classics, brass cars, muscle cars, sports cars.”

They will even have classic hearses.

But the stars this year are vehicles that go very fast.

“We’re celebrating Bonneville “lakester” cars,” said Moss. “These are cars from the 1950’s and 60’s that were raced at Bonneville. Raced on the dry lakes over in California. The iconic cars that really started the whole hot rod fad.”

Vehicles are brought to the Concours from fifty states. Classic vehicle owners each have their own reason for their passion.

Gilbert Chesney of Chelsea, Michigan has nine classic cars…all Kaiser brands.

“My mother worked there nine years. We had them in the family. I learned to drive on one.”

Chesney brought a 1955 Kaiser two door Manhattan. They only made 44 of them. While the vehicle was owned by a company executive, the brand, Chesney says, is a part of his heritage.

“It was like we were born into the car.”

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