DETROIT (WWJ) – A section of pavement gives way in an east side Detroit neighborhood, shutting down an intersection until further notice.

The sinkhole was discovered Friday morning at the corner of Seymour Street and MacCrary Avenue, in a neighborhood south of 7 Mile Road and Hayes Street.

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City workers have erected a barricade around the sinkhole, which measures about five-feet wide, but it’s not clear how long repairs are going to take.

(Credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ Newsradio 950)

(Credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ Newsradio 950)

Al Vietzke, who drives through the area daily with a church group, just hopes it’s sooner than later.

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“I’m hoping they’re going to fix it and not just barricade it,” Vietzke told WWJ’s Mike Campbell. “They better fix it, right?”

Vietzke said the giant hole started as a small bump he noticed about eight months ago.

“We come across here every morning carrying people to the church and we have to go around it all the time, otherwise it just throws everybody up in the air,” he said. “Some people travel a little too fast coming down here and catching something like that can cause a big accident.”

The intersection remains closed to traffic until further notice.

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