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Well this week seems to be going good for Becky. However Julie Chen reminds the houseguests, “Expect the unexpected.” But first Shelli and Steve are up on the block and have to battle to win the POV. Jackie strips off her Big Brother Knighthood and it seems like the “nomance,” of Austin & Liz is actually becoming a showmance. Can Becky’s plan to evict Vanessa go smoothly? Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Vanessa & John’s Game Plan

There were two very different goals leading up to the POV between Vanessa and John. Both have relationships with the two nominees, both are hoping the other will be nominated as the replacement nominee. It’s very comical that Steve assumes he’s this big threat in the game, when in reality he hasn’t really made a big dent in this game. Surprisingly Meg who hasn’t done of any has made more of an impact, which is saying a lot since both are not strong competitors.

Vanessa & John both made pitches to the two nominees about how the POV competition should go down. Both hoping they’d be chosen by one of the two nominees if their name was selected or if “houseguests choice,” was selected. Vanessa has become very paranoid at the possibility of being nominated and wants to ensure her safety in the house. Though Becky wasn’t on board with any of her deals, it seemed like Shelli and Steve would buy into Vanessa’s game talk.

John on the other hand, knows he’s not the target but seems to be playing the game harder, especially trying to get Vanessa out. I can understand where John is coming from since he was being used as a pawn very early in the game, so it’s only right he seeks revenge. But poor Steve, he really wanted to work with both, yet neither one can stand the other. Shelli is looking out for herself and though she trust John, her gut is telling her to trust Vanessa just a little bit more. I do commend Vanessa in making a deal with whoever choses her for the POV will be save by her if she wins, and if she won she could not be nominated. Meanwhile John would save Shelli if he won the POV and would continue to assure Steve he would be safe. Steve wasn’t going to let that chance play out and would fight to win the POV.

Steve Wins POV

For the selections for the POV competition, it was Shelli who had the honor of pulling; “houseguests choice,” and going with her gut chose Vanessa over John. The other two competing were Austin and Meg. The POV competition was a favorite, “BB Comics,” where they had specially designed comic book renderings of the houseguests for the competition. There would be however some subtle differences between two images and the houseguests would have to correctly choose the right comic in the shortest amount of time to win the POV.

To view the entire comic photos of the houseguests click on this link. My personal favorite was “The Blanket,” because is Audrey a ghost type hero or villain? Overall her powers would make one not be under the covers. Surprisingly Meg finished second, while Becky, Shelli and Vanessa struggled. Austin just couldn’t stop fantasizing about Liz or acknowledging his athleticism when he was struggling. Steve used his love of music to complete the competition in the shortest amount of time and win the POV.

Who Is Safe Another Week?

With Steve winning the veto, Vanessa wanted to make sure John was the replacement nominee. She goes to James and tries to interrogate him in confirming that “the plan,” was still to go to evict Shelli but have John be the nominated for eviction. James tries to do the run around but fails to get Vanessa of his trail and James even tried to get coached by Meg and Jackie. Vanessa then goes to Becky to ensure that the plan was going to stay the same. Becky assuring her that John was going up and sending Shelli packing home. In the end Becky’s plan to backdoor Vanessa came to be. Vanessa looking shocked took a seat next to her ally. But she’s not going to go out without a fight and has a plan to ensure her safety for this week.

My Prediction for Eviction and then Double Eviction

This will be a tight call and I predict we’ll see our first tie where the HOH will have to vote to evict one of the houseguests. I predict by a vote of 5 – 4, Becky will ensure Vanessa’s eviction from the Big Brother house and packing to the jury house. Vanessa won’t be the only one there as Julie Chen announced last week, tonight’s episode will feature a “BB Fast Forward,” where an entire week of game play is condensed into a one hour show during the live eviction. With that said, I predict John will see his demise as what’s remained of the Sixth Sense alliance survive win HOH then back door John to be evicted.

Tune in Thursday for the the Live Eviction show on CBS 62 at 9 p.m. and read my recap Friday. We’ll find out whether Shelli or Vanessa or both or one of the two nominees plus additional houseguests get sent to jury. Looking forward to the episode! Stay tuned!


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