By: Evan Jankens

As I was watching the Lions first preseason game Thursday at Ford Field, I received some awful news.

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My favorite athlete and idol Michael Jordan is now sponsoring the Michigan football team. Michael Jordan himself announced the news via Twitter.

Jordan said two words that will forever have me thinking twice about buying his product: “Go Blue.”

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As a big fan of Michigan State for as long as I can remember, it couldn’t be any worse for me. There is no way I could ever wear Maize and Blue Jordan gear.

But even I will have to admit it is really cool that Michigan is the first school to wear the Jumpman logo on their uniform.

People have been going nuts on Twitter about the announcement and I have to give the Twitter account @TheBlockhams tons of credit for this cartoon.

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A shirtless Jim Harbaugh as the Jumpman logo is, and it kills me to say it, cool.