DETROIT (WWJ) – You could call it a Detroit tiger, but it presumably will not be hitting any baseballs anytime soon.

The animal took social media by storm on Monday, WWJ’s Sandra McNeill, after it was spotted on the grounds of a well-known Detroit property.

Detroit Police spokeswoman Keisha Beasly Dorsey says it all started before noon.

“Officers were dispatched at 11:47 to check for a loose tiger in the area of the Packard Plant,” Beasly said.

Police received several calls after someone spotted Instagram photos of the animal in the rubble at the defunct facility. They did respond to the scene, Beasly said, and found there was indeed a large cat on the premises.

As it turns out, the tiger were there for a photo shoot with a British photograph, Beasly said, adding that police had not been informed about it ahead of time.

A spokesperson for the Packard Plant Project told the Detroit Free Press they had no idea David Yarrow was bringing along the animal, along with a bobcat and a wolf. The shoot was shut down.


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