Everyone wants to be Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”.

Detroit Red Wings forward Luke Glendening got his chance to live out that dream during a fly-along with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Wednesday.

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The pre-flight tips involved teaching the newbies to “fight the G monster” involving mostly squeezing the abdominal muscles and lower extremities to keep the blood where it counts — flowing around the brain.

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After his exhilarating flight, Glendening shared his appreciation. “It’s unbelievable … you couldn’t get the smile off my face up there. It’s such a special memory that I’ll have forever,” said Glendening of the experience.

The Blue Angels are in town for the Thunder Over Michigan airshow Saturday and Sunday August 29 and 30 at Willow Run Airport.

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The pilot with Glendening Captain Jeff Kess said he wasn’t surprised by an NHL players ability to handle the physical demands of high-G flight, but smiled admitting that Glendening may have, “… caught up on a little sleep at one point.”