By Danny Cox

The Detroit Lions need to make sure that they play a game for a full 60 minutes and don’t let up for a single second. If they’re up by 18 points, they need to keep playing hard until they’re up by 36 points. That was their fatal mistake in week 1, and it ended in a loss to the San Diego Chargers. In week 2, the Minnesota Vikings will do the same thing if the Lions don’t keep their foot on the gas.

Season Record

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In 2014, the Vikings finished 7-9 and in third place in the NFC North. It’s a very tough division, and one that would be hard for any team to get a large number of victories in during any season. Still, they played almost to a .500 level with a rookie quarterback leading the way and without their star player. This season, things are different and it could be the year the Vikings turn things around.

Vikings on Offense

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of strength on offense and Teddy Bridgewater showed a ton of promise in his rookie season. He has only gotten better and that was shown during training camp and in the preseason so the Vikings may have finally found their franchise quarterback that they’ve wanted for so long.

Adrian Peterson is the key to it all, though. His return will give the Vikings a very strong running game and will open up the passing game even more. Defense will have to watch him every second, and that will allow Kyle Rudolph, Charles Johnson, Mike Wallace, and Cordarrelle Patterson to run wild down the field.

Vikings on Defense

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As good as the Lions offense was in the first half of week 1, they need to be that good for the duration of their game with the Vikings. Minnesota has decent players and some names that could scare opposing offense, such as Chad Greenway and Terence Newman. There are others, but there are also weaknesses that Matthew Stafford needs to exploit – he needs to make sure to get behind them and up early.

Vikings Players to Watch

Simple enough: Adrian Peterson. No matter where he is on the field, Peterson can turn a game around with one run or make it wide open for the Vikings. If there is any rust on him from missing just about all of last year, it won’t show for long and it seems as if he is just hungry to make this season his best.


The Minnesota Vikings will not be an easy obstacle by any stretch of the imagination, but the Detroit Lions can get a victory in week 2. If Adrian Peterson can be contained, then the Lions can do as they will on defense. The key is for the offense to get up early and play consistently throughout the entire game.

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