By Ashley Scoby

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell wouldn’t confirm on Monday whether or not quarterback Matthew Stafford would be ready to play Sunday against the Broncos.

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Stafford took several hits in Detroit’s loss to the Vikings Sunday, was bleeding from the elbow throughout the game and got X-rays afterwards.

“He’s sore, I can tell you that,” Caldwell said. “It was a tough day for him yesterday, but we’ll see where he is as the week goes on.”

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When asked if Stafford had any broken bones, Caldwell responded with an invite to look at the injury report.

“We’ll see,” Caldwell said, of Stafford’s chances of playing Sunday. “Like I said, he’s very, very sore. There’s no question about that. He got hit far too many times.”

The Lions’ pass protection left plenty to be desired on Sunday. Seemingly every photo from the game shows Stafford picking himself off the ground or getting nailed by a defensive lineman. But according to Caldwell, the problems weren’t just limited to one part of the line.

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“You know what, protection is not just one phase as you all know,” he said. “The phases are routes being run at the right depth, making certain obviously that the timing is good, his protection with the linemen, protection with the backs, protection with the tight end. There’s calls that are being made, things of that nature. So it’s all got to chime in there together, work together I should say. So everybody’s got a bit of a hand in it.”