By: Evan Jankens

There are plenty of ways to get an advantage in a sporting event when the referee isn’t looking. Just don’t get caught on camera.

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For example, when I played basketball back in the day my coach had always told me to step on the opposing player’s feet while boxing out so he couldn’t jump. It was a cheap move, but it worked.

That takes me to a story in Los Angeles, Calif., where one kid allegedly took competition to a whole new — and dangerous — level. A football player from Salesian High School is being accused of rubbing Icy-Hot on another player’s face.

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I don’t know if you have ever used Icy-Hot before, but if it did wind up in your eyes, it would burn severely to say the least.

According to

The incident was actually caught on video as well when the La Canada team took on Salesian High School.

Allegedly, a Salesian player reached under Salazar’s face mask and smeared a heat-rub substance on the teen’s face.

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I have no idea where the player was keeping the Icy-Hot, but this player really should be banned from playing another snap for that high school in my opinion. What do you think?