By Ashley Scoby

Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi has been getting plenty of criticism the past two weeks, after Detroit went 0-2 to start the season, and their offense has struggled.

But according to head coach Jim Caldwell, too much blame is placed on the man with the headset.

“I’ve been a play-caller before and I know a lot of attention is always placed on that aspect of it, but the fact of the matter is it really boils down to execution,” Caldwell said. “That’s the key to it.”

Fans have also been vocal about possibly wanting the Lions to run more no-huddle offense. The team has been successful in that system so far and have moved the ball much more effectively than they have in their regular offense.

But should the Lions use more of their two-minute offense, it comes with its own drawbacks.

“I lived in that world for 10 years,” Caldwell said of no-huddle offensive systems. “There’s as many pitfalls as there are good things about it. … Obviously our two-minute drives have been good and solid but there are a lot of little nuances that go into that. We do it some; we jump in and out of it once in a while. And it depends on your opponent … Those are the things we look at from week to week depending on who we’re playing.”

The Lions play Peyton Manning and the Broncos at Ford Field Sunday, for the chance to grab their first victory of the season.

Until then, Caldwell said the team is still working towards “perfection,” with or without the wins.

“We wouldn’t be satisfied if we were 2-0. We’re always seeking and fighting for perfection, and it’s tough to get there,” he said. “Winning or losing – to me, everything is difficult, everything is frustrating until it’s all done and you got the number of victories you want and you win it all. So up until that time, you’re in a constant state of frustration.”


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