FLINT (WWJ) – An emergency declaration concerning the water crisis in Flint has been made by the Genesee County Board of Trustees. It urges those using the city’s water to not consume it unless it’s treated.

A week ago, doctors were urging Flint to stop using water from the Flint River after blood tests revealed more children in the city with higher levels of lead.

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Researchers led by a doctor from Hurley MedicalCenter looked at blood samples taken this year from more than 1,700 children living in Flint. They found that the percentage of kids with above-average lead levels has nearly doubled. In certain areas, it has tripled.

Commissioner Brenda Clack told residents Thursday that infants and children should not use the water coming from the taps in the city of Flint.

“Individuals who have respiratory conditions should not use the water, pregnant women should not use the water – it’s imperative that they not use the water,” Clark urged.

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Genesee County Health Officer Mark Valacak says this is a challenge the community is rallying around.

“This community always comes together no matter what the challenge, and this is yet another challenge but we are fortunate in having a number of community members who have come to the forefront,” said Valack.

Valacak says those community partners include the United Way — which has raised $100,000 dollars to fund personal water filters for residents.

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“It’s our intention to begin the distribution of those as soon as possible,” said Valacak.