By: Sara

As a lawyer, how do you stand out in a sea of local commercials? You do wheelies on a motorcycle, yell EVERYTHING you say, and use as many hawk sound effects as possible. At least, those are the tactics employed by a Fort Worth, Texas lawyer named Bryan Wilson (not a Beach Boy). He calls himself the “Texas Law Hawk”, and he shoots his commercials like the lowest budget action movies known to man.

This is the third commercial the “Texas Law Hawk” has put out, and it is a doozy. Explosions? You know it! A motorcycle crashing through a window? Of course! A cardboard box with a little person inside to represent a computer? Uh…sure.

Wilson says he got the Law Hawk nickname in law school and it just stuck. He claims that even though his commercials are funny and over-the-top, he is deadly serious about his work in the courtroom.