DETROIT (WWJ) – “Burnt” takes movie goers inside the world of celebrity chefs. It’s a high-stakes world where the food is not only made for savoring, if extraordinary enough in taste and style, it has the potential to catapult a chef into superstardom.

In “Burnt,” celebrity chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is on a mission to reclaim his fallen star. He’s won two Michelin stars, but too many vices have caused him to fall from grace. He eventually decides to stop running from his past and sets out on a path to redeem himself and, he hopes, win his third Michelin star.

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Doing so, however, won’t be easy. When Jones was at the top of his game, he walked over far too many people — some of whom are not willing to forget what he put them through when all he cared about were his own selfish interests. Still, Jones sets out on a mission to get his own restaurant and to prove to his contemporaries — and to the world — that he’s back.

In the process of trying to salvage his career, Jones goes after the best and the brightest chefs in London. Among those he recruits is the beautiful and ambitious Helene (Sienna Miller), who doesn’t come along easily. As one might imagine, that’s when the sparks start to fly.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in "Burnt."

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in “Burnt.”

There are also other star chefs who have their own beef with Jones, including the temperamental Reece who feels he has a lot to lose with Jones’ return to the scene.

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Anyone who’s a fan of TV cooking shows is sure to enjoy “Burnt.” The multiple story lines keep the action fast paced and interesting. The London scenery is spectacular on its own, and watching Bradley Cooper on the big screen for over an hour and a half is the icing on the cake.

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