By: Evan Jankens

When talking about the best of best who’ve played hockey in Detroit you have to mention Nick Lidstrom.

Monday night, Lidstrom was introduced into the hockey hall of fame, which is a huge accomplishment, and an honor he deserves.

The NHL’s Facebook page posted Lidstrom’s speech, only there was a slight problem. Whoever uploaded the video saved it as “Lindstrom.mp4”.

Yes, Nick Lindstrom, that’s how they spelled it. You would think when arguably the greatest defensive player in the game’s history is getting inducted into the hall of fame his name would be spelled right everywhere.

What I think happened is whoever was uploading the video to the Facebook page rushed to get the video online and just flat-out misspelled his name.

Don’t act like you don’t know someone who was born and raised here and still called him “Lindstrom.”


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