By Christy Strawser

HAMTRAMCK (CBS Detroit) Where many see a positive sign of cohesion, an Oregon councilman views the newly Muslim majority on Hamtramck’s City Council as a bad sign.

In fact, he sees it as the kind of thing that signals the end of Western civilization.

Dallas, Oregon councilman Micky Garus ended up deleting a long Facebook rant against Hamtramck’s decision and any American inclusion of Muslims in government. But the screen shot lives on.

Garus garnered lots of backlash for the post that said “Ultimately they will try to impose Sharia law, the most brutal, strict and intrusive of laws, which is the framework of the Islamic religion.”

He goes on to say Muslims beat women for being raped, marry infants and have sex with them when they turn 9 years old.  Anyone who supports Islam, believes non-believers should be killed, he writes.

He ends by comparing the rise of Muslims in government to Hitler’s rise to power in Europe.

Hamtramck’s mayor’s reaction? “There are crazy people all over, reactionaries all over,” Mayor Karen Majewski said.

Hamtramck, traditionally a town of immigrants, many from Poland and Germany, now has three Muslim council members. Hamtramck residents last Tuesday elected Yemeni-American Saad Almasmari and re-elected Bangladesh natives Abu Musa and Anam Miah. They join Bangladeshi member Mohammed Hassan.

“(The Muslim majority) is a point of pride for the ethnic communities and it’s a point of interest for people, but I think once the news cycle blows over, we’ll just get back down to business as usual,” said the mayor who first took office in 2006.

She added that with its deep Polish roots, you can still walk down Jos. Campau and hear people speaking Polish.

“It’s a healthy mix of people from all over, that includes new Polish immigrants, immigrants from Bangladesh, Yemen … that community is growing really fast right now. That’s the story of Hamtramck, we’ve always got new communities coming in. We’re an immigrant community and we always have been,” the mayor said.

After the backlash to his strong opinion on Muslim in elected office signaling the death of America, Garus seemed to back track a little bit with a new post that says that views expressed were his own. But he included more data as to why he believes Muslims are violent jihadists who are going to destroy the fabric and laws of our country.

Many in the public weren’t supportive of this post either, or the post that followed where he thanked veterans for their service.

“This is exactly why your bigoted comments were hurtful. My husband is a US vet and son in Oregon National Guards and yes we are Muslim. And there are many more in the US Army that are. They risk their lives to keep you comfortable,” wrote Mona May on his Facebook page.



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