By Ashley Scoby

When Lions running back Joique Bell hurdled a Packers defender last week, he had no idea his form would be critiqued. But Lolo Jones, a world champion hurdler, was watching. She had seen him hurdle another player in a previous season, and had already talked to him about his form.

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“Last year when I hurdled the guy in Arizona, she kind of said, ‘Well, you need to work on your trail leg and dah dah dah,’” Bell said on the Stoney and Bill show. “And so she saw my picture on my form against Green Bay, and she said, ‘you know what, your form got a lot better.’ Don’t critique me; how about you just come challenge me?”

The two challenged each other to a race, and have apparently agreed to put together an event once the NFL season is over.

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Bell joked that he didn’t even need that much time to get ready.

“What’s Floyd (Mayweather) say?” he said. “People be in the gym all day, but give me six weeks and I got ‘em.”

And although his confidence level was high, Bell admitted his ultimate respect for Jones.

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“I got a lot of respect for Lolo,” he said. “Lolo Jones definitely has much respect from me and that’s the only reason she got called out. If she didn’t have my respect, if I didn’t think she had the ability to beat me, I would have never called her out.”