Detroit’s finest were pleasantly surprised when a man showed unexpected appreciation for their work. As part of a social experiment — the video posted by YouTube pranksters SEMOXVIDS Thursday aimed to break Islamic stereotypes.

A man in traditional Islamic garb — a full length white robe called a thawb — approached several officers’ vehicles and said, “I just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing. I know you risk your lives to save ours. And I just want to say thank you and give you this card.”

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The Detroit police officers reacted as if they don’t often get this kind of attention. They seemed shocked by the gesture.

In the wake of ISIS claiming responsibilty for the terror attacks in Paris, and reported Jihadist ties of the San Bernadino shooting suspects, tension between Muslims and non-Muslims is high.

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Two men introduce the experiment as a way of countering the misconception that all Muslims are terrorists. “… in Islam if you kill a bug it’s considered a sin. So they’re over there killing millions of people. That’s not right.” The other man adds, “That’s not Islam.”

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Neighboring city Dearborn has America’s largest Muslim community.