10. Paulina Gretzky Posts Her Assets On Instagram

The photo labeled, “This Bahama Mama is outta here” will most likely increase her Instagram followers from 400,000 to many, many more I would assume.

9. Oregon Cheerleading Coach Corine Lewis Is An Internet Sensation

Rapper Twista said it best in the song “Overnight Celebrity.”

In this case, Corrine Lewis is the cheerleading coach at Oregon and a photo she tweeted in November really made some noise Monday night.

8. Will Muschamp: If You Don’t Think I Can Recruit, Look At (My Wife) And Look At Me

“It’s kind of like marriage,” Muschamp said. “That first year, there’s a little adjustment. By that fifth year, you’re doing a little better.”

7. Matthew Stafford’s Wife Shames Lions Fans, Says Matthew Will Continue To Fight For Detroit

Friday afternoon, Stafford’s wife Kelly took to Instagram to say that she and Matthew won’t turn their backs on Detroit, like many have turned their backs on her husband. This appears to follow an incident where a man video taped himself burning a Stafford jersey and put it on Facebook.


6. Kelly Hall Celebrates Her Bachelorette Party In Vegas Wearing A Bikini

Over the weekend Hall was in Las Vegas to celebrate her bachelorette party.

Lucky for us there is Instagram and she posted photos throughout the weekend.

5. Tara Reid Decides She Needs Attention And Posts Near Nude Photo On Instagram

This time around, Reid decided to take to her Instagram page to post a near nude photo of herself, but placed her hands over the goods.

4. Paulina Gretzky Posts Instagram Photo That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Johnson, who is a millionaire, also happens to be engaged to Paulina Gretzky the daughter of arguably the best hockey player of all-time.

Gretzky, who just gave birth to a child in January, isn’t shy about showing off her post-baby body.

3. Sam Dekker’s Girlfriend Bailey Scheich Is A Smoke Show From The University Of Michigan

Dekker is dating Bailey Scheich who is a current student at the University of Michigan.

Scheich is an absolute smoke show. She might be the only person to make me say the words, “Go Blue.”

2. Girl Brags On Tinder About Allegedly Sleeping With Julian Edelman

I admit I have messed around on Tinder before. You can essentially say whatever you want to people without any repercussions. Think they’re hot? Tell them exactly how you feel.

Eventually, you learn the hard way that the people on the other end of Tinder really do exist.

1. Terry Foster caught checking out Pistons’ dancer

People are often caught off guard while pictures are being taken and that has given us the wonder of the photo bomb. I’m not sure, though, how I would categorize this photo of our very own Terry Foster.


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