By: Evan Jankens

Does an athlete or an actor/actress want to end up on TMZ? That is a question I ask myself quite often.

I guess it really depends on the situation. If you’re an athlete, you probably don’t want to end up on the website in the Tiger Woods fashion, but if you are featured with your gorgeous girlfriend then it’s acceptable.

Cam Gibson, son of Kirk Gibson, made Monday afternoon.

The Detroit Tigers fifth round draft selection from the 2015 draft and former Michigan State Spartan was featured on the site while on vacation with his girlfriend Mackenzie Miller.

Below is an excerpt from the story:

Unlike his dad’s famous clutch World Series homer — no one would say it’s “impossible” these 2 hooked up. Hard bodies attract hard bodies … aka #AbsGetCakes.

When you do in fact make, does that mean you have “made it”?


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