By: Evan Jankens

When Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm you might have thought all the talk about Rousey would taper off.

Well, we were wrong. Monday, it was announced that she would be hosting Saturday Night Live on January 23. It’s a pretty big honor. No one has really seen Rousey since she was knocked out. TMZ had video of Rousey getting off a plane and she was covering her face. You soon will be seeing much, much more of her.

Once SNL was announced, MJ Day, who is the assistant Managing Editor for Sports Illustrated for the swimsuit issue sent out an Instagram image with the caption, “#instabooty if #2016 keeps going like this then I’m going to be one happy happy girl! #bootypaint #siswimsuit.”

Below is what SI had to say about the image:

Thanks to a few inconspicuous tattoos, it looks like our next body-painted beauty may be the one and only Ronda Rousey.

Those tattoos sure do match up to me. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is set to be released in February.


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