DETROIT (WWJ) – More than $1 billion is up for grabs in Wednesday night’s Powerball lotto — and everyone wants in on the action. But what about those suffering from an addiction?

Psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Shiner of Wayne State University says there’s an adrenaline rush for the gambler.

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Though the chance to win is extremely slim some are addicted to the process — the addiction comes in two-forms.

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“One is the fantasy of wealth beyond your wildest dreams and the other is the excitement of playing and facing the uncertainty and then knowing whether you have won or lost — in an instant,” says Shiner.

“What really gets to gamblers is the excitement of buying the ticket, watching the drawing, watching the tension build and when that last number comes out — there’s a sudden release of tension, and people experience that as pleasurable and that’s really what gamblers crave,” says Shiner.

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He says those who are, or may become, addicted to gambling should always keep the act of “recovery” a part of their life and anyone spending more money on the lottery than they can afford should seek help.