By: Evan Jankens

At one time, Gilbert Arenas was known as “Agent Zero” and was arguably one of the most explosive scorers in the NBA.

Then in December of 2009, Arenas had an incident in the Washington Wizards locker room with Javaris Crittenton and guns. That was the start to the end of Arenas’ eight year professional career in the NBA.

And now it’s proven, Arenas might be one of the least classy people on the Internet.

Arenas use to run his own Instagram account that went by the name of “gilbertarenasthepeopleschamp” until he decided to send out what might be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen or read.

He decided to mock the Flint water crisis on his Instagram account which has since been deleted.

Arenas wanted to know if he was, “The only dude #blocking any girl from #Flint right now? Hahahaha sorry ladies but ur dirtiness is public…you’ve been washing with #dirtyleadwater for months.”

The NSFW post goes on to say “hit me when you move to #8mile.” He then proceed to tag Jason Richardson who grew up in Saginaw. Arenas didn’t stop there though.

He posted a photo of water bottles and said, “I see all the chicks from #FLINT is mad at me… I dont know, nobody told you too post yall bath water.”

This isn’t the first time his Instagram posts got him into some trouble. In December he posted a video of women playing basketball wearing next to nothing and said that’s what all WNBA players should look like.


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