By: Evan Jankens

Everyone loves the Super Bowl. I dare you to find five people who didn’t watch the game Sunday evening. Even if you don’t like football, you watch for the commercials or to see the halftime performance.

Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron appeared to go all out for this years Super Bowl judging by the party bus he hung out in this past weekend in San Francisco.

The party bus really is awesome and I’m jealous. Ebron gave TMZ a tour of the bus and that’s the way you party in style.

One part of the video that I found particularly funny was the TMZ reporter who said that Eric Ebron is “one of the biggest ballers in the league right now.” I get that you have to suck up to the celebrities or athletes you interview while working for TMZ but to call him “one of the biggest ballers in the league” is going a little overboard.

Also check out Ebron’s dance moves, he sure seemed to really be enjoying himself and in nice weather at Super Bowl 50, who can blame him?


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