DETROIT (WWJ) – Attention ladies: what do you think the dating world would be like if the roles between men and women were reversed? Curious? Well, we all get an idea in the new movie “The Perfect Match”.

In “The Perfect Match,” Terrence J stars as Charlie, a rich and handsome talent agent living life in the fast lane. He’s no stranger to one-night stands, even admitting that once he beds a beautiful woman, he loses interest and is ready to move on to his next conquest. But he meets his match when he meets the beautiful and sexy Eva.

Hip-hop superstar Cassie Ventura stars as Eva. The two hook up after Eva overhears a conversation – actually a bet – between Charlie and his two attached buddies, Victor and Rick, who challenge him to give monogamy a chance. Eva and Charlie both agree to get together for some fun, with no strings attached.

But, how long can a relationship like that go on? Eventually, something’s got to give, right? Well, in the world most of us know, the female would start to ask the man for a commitment. But in Eva’s and Charlie’s world, that’s not the case, and it turns Charlie’s life upside down. And, that’s exactly what sets “The Perfect Match” apart from movies in a similar vein.

We’ve all seen movies (or even experienced times in our lives or the lives of someone we know) where the man goes after who he wants and then when he gets her, he moves on. But how many times do we see a relationship where the man goes after what he wants, gets her and she turns the table on him? It’s an interesting dynamic to see.

Terrence J is the perfect choice as the smooth talking, debonair playboy and Ventura is excellently cast as the femme fatale. After a slow start, I found “The Perfect Match” an enjoyable movie to watch. However, I wonder how many viewers will be willing – or even able – to accept such strong role reversals?

Let me know by leaving your comments below. In the meantime, I’ll see you at the movies!

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