By: Evan Jankens

Working for 97.1 The Ticket I never know what is going to happen any given day. Thursday afternoon, 2016 Miss Michigan USA Susie Leica stopped by before she heads off to compete to be Miss USA.

While talking with her a little bit and finding out her interests I figured I would ask if she could teach me the prized model walk.

I already have a pretty unique walk that gets made fun of on the regular so it really couldn’t be any worse.

Leica took time out of her busy day to show me the ins and outs of a model strut. Having done this I think I really could be a great candidate to be Mr. Michigan.

Before you want to sit there and poke fun, don’t act like you wouldn’t have done anything that Miss Michigan would ask you to do. I bet she could tell a majority of men to walk on their hands and they would do so.


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