Seems Detroit Police Chief James Craig and his talented staff hit — or rather ran — a home run when they created their version of the “Running Man” video challenge which has taken the internet by storm.

(credit: Kristy Stanford / CBS 62)

(credit: Kristy Stanford / CBS 62)

That according to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan who commented on it during taping of “Michigan Matters” that the department has been inundated by calls from people interested in a job as a result of seeing it.

The three-minute video on YouTube which features some really good dancing as well as Chief Craig doing a line dance got over three million views in its first few days on social media. It ends with Craig challenging other departments to do their own challenge.

Duggan appeared on the show with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host, along with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises.

On other matters, Duggan and Patterson squared off over who was the better candidate between GOP nominee Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee  Hillary Clinton.

“I liked watching Donald Trump on “The Apprentice” and I also liked it when he fired (former Detroit Pistons’) Dennis Rodman on the show,” said Duggan. “But I don’t think that qualifies him to be president.”

“Hillary lived in the White House as First Lady,” shot back Patterson. “How does that qualify her to be President?”

Ilitch then began to list some of her previous jobs —  U.S.Senator from New York, Secretary of State .

On other issues, Duggan talked about getting the money needed for Detroit Public Schools and the amount of  time he has been spending in Lansing to help the cause.

Duggan and Ilitch talked about the impact of stadiums on a city. They teamed up with former Mayor Dennis Archer, David Katz and the late Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara in getting Comerica Park built years ago and Ford field.

On the topic of sports, Duggan and Patterson traded comments about the potential impact of a Major League Soccer team in the Motor City which is being debated.

You can hear the conversation by watching “Michigan Matters” 11:30 am Sunday only on CBS 62.


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