By: Evan Jankens

When someone commits a crime and gets a mugshot, they usually wind up looking awful in the photo. Fluorescent lighting, a night that usually started with drugs, drinking, fighting, crashing, sweating, rolling around, a police chase — and then went downhill from there — isn’t conducive to a flattering photo.

That’s not the case for Sarah Seawright from Arkansas.

Seawright was charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first degree battery, hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence, according to

And she somehow did it all looking good. Her mugshot, which was originally uploaded to, has blown up on Twitter.

She even seemed to take some pride in the mugshot, which showcases her full lips, flawless skin and thick, shiny hair, commenting about it “trending” on her Facebook page. How is it possible that she doesn’t have one hair out of place? Which Instagram filter does this police department use?

It didn’t stop there for Seawright, who seems to love the attention. She appears to have even started a Twitter account and has been retweeting people who have commented on #prisonbae.

Knowing all the charges facing her, would you still go on a date with her?


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