HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – Was it the expectation of free money and home ownership that drew hundreds to a suburban Detroit rally on Independence Day?

Police say they’re still sorting out possible charges against the leader of a gathering at Highland Park City Hall Monday that ended with several arrests.

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Police arrested organizer Ramzu Yunus, a member of the Nation of Islam, along with two supporters during the unrest after they distributed handouts reading: ‘You can change current reality and walk away with $100,000 and a new home.’

Mayor Hubert Yopp told WWJ Newsradio 950 that a man had been passing out copies of a phony notice from the 1800s.

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“There was an attempt by Mr. Yunus to incite a riot,” said Highland Park Police Chief Chester Logan. “He was using words like ‘attack the police, police aren’t your friends,’ this is something I heard myself.”

Fellow Nation of Islam member Yoni Allen tells WWJ’s Jon Hewett the incident is being overblown. “It wasn’t inciting a riot – he never promised anyone a $100,000 when they got there.”

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In addition to charges of inciting a riot, Yunus, who is in custody, could be charged with fraud.