By: Evan Jankens

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a game show? I know I really love them. One of my all-time favorite shows to watch is ‘Family Feud.’

Richard Dawson was such a great host; Ray Combs was good as well, but I think the show fell off a little when Louie Anderson, Richard Karn and John O’Hurley took over.

Most recently Steve Harvey is the host of the hit game show and is as funny as ever.

Over the holiday weekend, Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones was on a team composed of NFC offensive players. Jones and Minnesota Vikings’ QB Teddy Bridgewater were the two contestants picked to play “Fast Money.”

Up first was Jones. He got through the first four questions without a hitch, then came the question: “A material that grocery store bags are made of?”

Jones quickly tried to pass, but couldn’t because it was the final question. Jones then replied with plastic as his answer and that’s when Harvey just unloaded on the Lions WR. Harvey insisted that Jones had not been to the grocery store in “so damn long.”

The hilarity ensues and Harvey doesn’t let up on Jones.


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