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Paulie’s plan of nominating Victor was still in motion, however Tiffany started to show signs of paranoia, which were similar to her sibling Vanessa, who played last season. But first, Victor’s plan to ensure his alliance members Paul and Bronte’s safety was set in motion by putting up Tiffany as the third nominee. Paul was trying his best to make sure to save himself and Bronte was trying to stay under the radar. Even though the 8 pack alliance is in power, cracks were starting to form within the alliance. Here’s my recap from last night’s episode!

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Blindsiding Victor

Feeling confident in rebuilding trust with Paulie and Frank, Victor had put Tiffany on the block to make sure this week a girl is sent packing. Which would leave the number of guys in the house at 6 and gals at 7 if Tiffany is evicted. Paul was given information from Paulie, that Victor right before the “BB Roadkill nomination,” that Victor shouldn’t trust Paulie or Frank. Forcing Paul to talk his way out of the situation and throwing Victor under the bus. Meanwhile Frank was starting to get suspicious about Tiffany and even though the plan this week is to evict Victor, a possible option could be to evict Tiffany sooner rather than later. But for the plan to backdoor Victor to work, Victor cannot be selected to play in POV as well as Tiffany not winning the POV. The situation did not settle well with Tiffany, however will go along with what her alliance wants to do.

Paul’s Excuse for POV Houseguest Selection

When selecting the houseguests for the POV competition, Victor was hoping that his name or Paul’s would be selected. The first name that Paulie drew was Da’Vonne, making it her second consecutive POV along with Paul and Paulie. The final name Paulie selected at random draw was Paul. Victor was eyeing Paul expecting to get picked as his choice to play in the POV. However Paul decides to choose Zakiyah to compete, which upset Victor. Paul’s reasoning to Victor was that he’d want to face off against more ladies during the competition to better his odds of winning. But Victor tried to explain to Paul that if he was selected; if Victor won he would not be able to get nominated and take off Paul from the chopping block. Paul however was working Victor by complying with Paulie’s wishes in hoping Victor not be able to play in the POV and for the plan to backdoor Victor to be set in motion. Later it was revealed that Corey was selected to be the host for the competition.

Paulie’s Sustainability

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The backyard of the Big Brother house was transported to the land of Toezarks, which for this week’s POV competition the houseguests had to go under a bridge to an area that had many different toes. Inside the toenails hit fungi where on each one had a letter with a corresponding value. The houseguests had 12 minutes to compete in the competition; the houseguest with the highest scoring correctly spelled word would win the POV. In the event of a tie, the houseguest with the quickest time would win. Even though Tiffany knew she was safe, having the numbers on her side with her alliance, her competitive drive was kicked into gear. This upset Da’Vonne because Tiffany had glanced over at Da’Vonne’s word and quickly ran to collect more letters to spell out a higher scoring word. Luckily all the houseguests correctly spell their words and made it more dramatic in who would win. With the word “sustainability,” Paulie won that POV. This gave Paulie the power to then decide whether to continue on with the plan to backdoor Victor or possibly put the target on Tiffany. I laughed when Paulie wanted his nickname to be “Two Chains,” after his two victories this week. There should be caution with all those wins because it just makes Paulie become a bigger target to eliminate sooner rather than later.

Who’s The Target For The Week?

After the POV competition, Da’Vonne was still upset with Tiffany and pulled Frank aside to let her know about her frustration. This continued to fuel the fire with possibly changing the target from Victor to Tiffany for this week. Frank had mentioned during a DR session that Tiffany was getting paranoid from a previous incident that didn’t sit well with him. With the information from Da’Vonne it seems as though the 8 pack alliance had a weak link they would want to get rid of sooner rather than later. This also led to 4/5 of the Fatal Five alliance coming together to address the situation. Our Michigander, Nicole even went as bold as to say instead of the “Fatal Five,” it’d be better as the “Fatal Four,” alliance that the rest of the ladies seemed to agree. Tiffany’s paranoia, emotions and tears were starting to feel a bit repeated. This because of her relationship to a former houseguest, her sister Vanessa who was also paranoid, had lots of emotions and cried many tears. For Da’Vonne she didn’t like it and started see more of Vanessa in Tiffany in the way she’s playing Big Brother. Which helped Vanessa get to the final three and not helping Da’Vonne. In the end Paulie ended up keeping his plan of backdooring Victor and used the POV on Paul.

Prediction For Eviction & HOH

Now that Victor is up for eviction along with Tiffany and Bronte it will be interesting to see where the votes land. If you haven’t subscribed to get CBS All Access you might want to get it for the live feed coverage. I’m predicting a 7-3-0 vote for Victor to be evicted, Tiffany receiving three votes from those not in the 8 Pack alliance (Paul, Bridgette & Natalie) and no votes to evict Bronte. Even though Tiffany’s name is getting thrown around, The 8 pack alliance would be foolish to vote on of their own so soon, especially when they’re still controlling the game. Knowing that who ever gets evicted this week will face off against either Jozea or Glenn for the Battle Back competition is exciting. We’ll still have to wait a few weeks to go until we see the Battle Back competition. With the HOH power back up for grabs, here’s hoping Paul or Bronte or someone not affiliated with 8 Pack Alliance wins the HOH. Or will we see another 8 pack member win? Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see whether Bronte, Tiffany or Victor gets evicted and who’ll be crowned the new HOH!

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